Saheb Masala

About Us




Company Profile

Saheb Spices is created to provide 100% natural and fresh spices for your dishes everyday.Our factory is situated in Karanataka, which is home for most of these spices.Here at Saheb Spices we source highest quality raw materials directly from the farmers.

Then the raw materials are toasted grinded using high end machines to draw out rich aroma and fresh flavors.


Our Mission

We strive to give high quality , 100% natural spices at fair prices.


Our Vision

Saheb Spices aims to spread the aroma of its fresh and natural spices to every kitchen of India.

We also hope to foray into international markets in the near future .


Our Values

Our finest ingredient is quality. We are very passionate about quality. We strive to maintain the quality and freshness of our products to make it taste better, smell better, last longer and remain fresh as possible.